Anita Owen

December 1, 1885

Nantasket Beach

Brig Anita Owen carrying coal.

"The brigantine Anita Owen grounded in the December 1, 1885, northeaster, 300 feet from shore on Nantasket Beach, quickly going to pieces. A distress signal was burned, and had the lifesaving crew not responded quickly, all would have succumbed. Captain Murphy, his wife, and nine seamen were brought ashore.

The vessel had voyaged from Perth Amboy, New Jersey, bound for Portland, Maine, and was caught in the gale outside Boston Harbor. The captain, who had lost his bearings, anchored between Strawberry Hill and Point Allerton, but preventative action was to no avail. The Anita Owen, like several other nearby wrecks, had a sizable load of coal. Such heavy cargo weighing down a beached vessel was a great hindrance in refloating it."

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor