February 1, 1882

Near Strawberry Ledge

Schooner Bucephalus carrying salt fish.

"The Bucephalus, a schooner from Provincetown with salted fish, was forced up on the Long Beach section of Hull on February 1, 1882. Her hull was deep in the sand near Ocean House, a favorite summer hotel. Following the storm the vessel stood 'as straight and stately as though she was afloat.'

The Humane Society archives disclose: 'On the night of January 31, you will remember that a heavy gale and thick snowstorm prevailed. Boat No. 21 was launched about 2 A.M. Feb. 1st and took off the crew of the schooner Bucephalus ashore on Nantasket Beach. 8 A.M.-No. 18 took off the crew of schooner Nettie Walker ashore about 10 A.M., thus saving many lives and being in the lifeboats some 12 hours in a heavy gale. The Committee recommended that twenty-five dollars be presented to each of the men, viz.: 16 men at $25-amounting to four hundred dollars."

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor