Clara S. Cameron

November 5, 1891

Near the Great Brewster Spit

Schooner C. Cameron carrying fish.

"Boston Post Marine Notes reported: 'Fishing schooner Clara S. Cameron of Dennis, from Georges [Bank], with about 22,000 pounds of fish is ashore at Fort Warren. She went ashore at 10 o'clock Thursday night (November 5, 1891)and is full of water. Two tugs made an unsuccessful attempt to pull her off yesterday, and it is quite probable she will go to pieces.'

A follow-up article a few days later stated: 'A wrecking master with the tug Elsie and lighter Elm have gone down the harbor to remove the ballast from the fishing schooner Clara S. Cameron before reported ashore at Fort Warren. After the ballast is taken out casks will be placed aboard and around the schooner and attempt will be made to float her.' Four tugs finally pulled her off, but many, including the press, assumed that the Georges Island wreck was a total loss."

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor