March 2, 1857

Off Stony Beach

Ship Delaware carrying cotton.

"The 600-ton ship Delaware of Bath, Maine, valued at $25,000 and carrying cotton, grounded two cable lengths from shore at Stony Beach on March 2, 1857. She bilged so badly that the tide ebbed and flowed right through her. A surfboat safely took off Captain Pattern and all hands. The skipper reported that on Sunday, just after midnight, the Delaware was thirty-five miles east of Boston Light. At 8:00 P.M., with the lighthouse about ten miles away, she shortened sail and hove to.

About 11:00 P.M., as the northeast wind increased, the fore and main topsails were close reefed and the mizzen topsails taken in. At 1:00 A.M. Monday, because the vessel was drifting westward, it became necessary to run for the harbor or go ashore. At 4:00 A.M., she anchored in Nantasket Roads. The masts had to be cut away at 9:30 A.M., and an hour later the Delaware beached, but the crew was rescued.

The brig Lorana, loaded with sugar, went ashore nearby in the same storm, but was refloated."

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor