Ewan Crerar

March 9, 1860

Near Shag Rocks

Brig Ewan Crerar with general cargo.

"The Ewan Crerar, a British brig, went down on March 10, 1860. The pilot disclosed that he reached the bell buoy near the Graves and kept off, supposing he could clear the ledge. Because of a miscalculation or wind change, the vessel struck, became unmanageable, and was forced to anchor between Egg Rock and outer Brewster Island. She sank forty-five minutes later in seven fathoms, with only a few feet of her mainmast and topsail yard out of water. The rigging, sails, and spars were stripped from the brig. The crew abandoned ship, but were not in immediate danger.

The Ewan Crerar was bound from London, England, to Boston, and carried a load consisting of linseed oil, soda, colors, beer, whiting, steel, iron bars, horn, wool, cutch (used in dyeing and tanning), antimony, and arsenic. Other assorted merchandise was on the manifest. Divers engaged to raise the cargo brought a large portion of the goods to the surface."

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor