Fannie Pike

February 1, 1882

Shag Rocks

Schooner Fannie Pike carrying coal.

"Another lamentable wreck that took place during the February 1, 1882, gale was the Fanny A. Pike, belonging in Calais, Maine, and sailing from Weehawken, New Jersey. The coal schooner drove head-on into Bald Rocks (Shag Rocks), an extremely perilous ledge. She broke in two almost immediately, with half the hull thrusting out of the sea near the ledge.

A boat launched by keeper Bates from Boston Lighthouse picked up the crew, who then transferred to a tug for conveyance to Boston. A crowd gathered on the Hull shoreline opposite Bald Rocks imagined they could see two men still clinging to the wreckage, but a telescope revealed two stanchion pins jutting from the debris. Bates had been aded in the rescue by assistant keeper Bailey and Charles Pochaska, a young fisherman."

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor