Grace Lothrop

February 1, 1882

Point Allerton

Schooner G. Lothrop carrying oranges.

"The East Boston-owned brig Grace Lothrop went aground at Point Allerton on February 1, 1882, shortly after being condemned by board of survey. The vessel, with her cargo of oranges and cigars, was clear of the water when the tide receded, but rough seas had split or smashed the hull in several places, and part of the cargo spilled out. The mariners had been taken off the brig by a towboat and landed at Boston Light.

Another news account indicates the craft was also loaded with 140 tons of logwood from Haiti, West Indies. It is furter reported that the crew lowered a boat and rowed to shore. The Grace Lothrop grated on the rocky beach during the night, being left high and dry at low tide.

After a storm a dropping tide sometimes allowed some cargoes to be salvaged with relative ease, using horse-drawn wagons. The endeavor had to be promptly handled, because the next incoming tide might destroy both vessel and merchandise."

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor