H.C. Higginson

November 26, 1888

Long Beach Rock

Schooner H. C. Higginson carrying plaster.

"Another wreck in the infamous November 1888 storm was that of the schooner H.C. Higginson, transporting plaster. She came in on Nantasket Beach near Lobster Rock, which is at the base of Atlantic Hill. Attempts to rescue the crew by breeches buoy failed. The surfboat Nantasket came to the mariners' aid and, after a hard pull against the currents, reached the schooner. Sailors in the rigging, spent from long exposure, were barely able to catch ropes thrown to them, slide down the breeches buoy line from foremast to mizzenmast, and then jump into the breakers to be hauled into the surfboat. Three of the men on the three-master lost their lives. The captain and one other man had been washed overboard before the Humane Society volunteers arrived. A third individual, lashed to the rigging, died there from exposure."

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor