March 15, 1873

Point Allerton

Schooner Helene carrying hard pine.

"The Helene, a schooner headed for Boston from Wilmington, North Carolina, approached the harbor on March 15, 1873. When she was almost parallel to Harding's Ledge, the weather shut down with a thick snowstorm, complicated by a tremendous running sea. The craft passed so close to the northeast bar off Point Allerton that she struck, the tide being low at the time. She continued to strike heavily, the sea making a clean breach over her. The schooner bilged an hour after grounding and drove over the bar.

Captain Adams and his spent crew were taken off in a lifeboat by the Hull volunteers three hours later. Her stern was stove in, the cabin was washed out, and everything belonging to the sailors had disappeared. Fragments of the vessel accumulated along the shore for a mile or more. The cargo of hard pine lumber was salvaged."

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor