Hugh G.

November 21, 1908

Near Graves Light

Schooner Hugh G. carrying plaster.

"At midnight on November 21, 1908, the British schooner Hugh G., with tons of rock plaster in her holds, was sunk half a mile northwest of Graves Ledge by collision with a mud scow towed by the tug Minot J. Wilcox. After hearing accounts from the three survivors, who were in the numbing sea fully ten minutes, a newsman wrote:

'Then began a struggle for life. Some of the men seized fragments of deck fittings that floated up from the wreck. They swam about shouting for help. The tug was some distance away and it seemed ages to the men before she turned about. By the time the tug came near them the five men had gone down, unable to continue the unequal fight. The survivors were chilled to the marrow by the icy waters and they were nearly exhausted when dragged aboard the Wilcox. One of the men was unconscious and it was some time before he was resuscitated. The others were in a precarious condition and it required several hours' attention to restore them.'

A yawl in which the crew attempted to abandon ship was sucked down in a whirlpool caused by the sinking wreck. The schooner settled in sixty feet of water. A U.S. Revenue Service cutter was dispatched to pull out her masts, eliminating any danger of collision."

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor