February 27, 1829

Off Middle Brewster Island

Brig Jachin carrying brandy and gin.

"A local news brief describes the February 27, 1829, wreck of the Jachin from St. Martha. 'The rigging and spars being capped with ice, and the crew exhausted with fatigue and cold, they were unable to work the vessel, and about half-past 8 on Thursday evening she struck on the Middle Brewster, bilged, and filled shortly after. Two of the crew, Robert Lorie and David Clark, were lost in attempting to gain the shore. The Jachin had a full cargo of fustic (a dye tree)...brandy, gin, and specie (the latter recovered). Captain Drew thinks the brig will be totally lost, but most of the cargo may be saved if immediately attended to and the weather proves favorable.'

For twenty days the Jachin had been only one day's sail from Boston Harbor: The unyeilding winds foiled every effort to bring the vessel in to port."

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor