J.B. King

October 19, 1903

Harding's Ledge

Sloop J.B. King carrying cement.

"The Boston Globe of Wednesday, October 21, 1903, told about the wreck of the schooner barge J.B. King & Co. #17 carrying cement bags and barrels. 'When the tow reached Boston Light Monday evening the number 17, which was the stern barge, was cast off, her instructions being to anchor in the Roads until a harbor tug could tow her to the city. Instead of heading into the Roads, however, she took a sheer and struck on dangerous Harding's Ledge, where so many staunch vessels have laid their bones.'

Captain Weter and two seamen packed up their belongings and abandoned the craft, which was obviously a total loss. The ocean tug Gypsum King continued on its journey with the three remaining tows. The wrecked barge registered 357 gross tons and was 122.9 feet long. She was constructed in Port Richmond, New York, in 1898."

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor