January 9, 1886

Off Deer Island

Schooner Juliet carrying granite.

"When the granite-laden schooner Juliet was wrecked between Deer Island Prison and Withrop Head on January 9, 1886, three men were carried overboard by the furious waves that swept her fore and aft. The rest of the crew found temporary safety in the swaying rigging, but were lashed by biting wind and freezing spray. A lifeboat was efficiently manned by prisoners incarcerated at Deer Island. All volunteers, they were led by the prison's deputy superintendent.

The trip through the wild surf was extraordinarily perilous, but once clear she was taken in tow by a tug that was standing by, then released to windward of the wreck. A white ring of foaming sea surrounded the schooner, preventing a close approach. The sailors jumped overboard, reached the outstretched hands of the heroic inmates, and were drawn from death."

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor