January 13, 1856

Off Deer Island

Schooner Lewis with general cargo.

"Newspaper descriptions of marine disasters on January 13, 1856, include: 'Portions of the cargo of the schooner reported ashore on Shag Rocks were found floating about the harbor this morning. Nothing has been found which can be identified, but she is believed to be from New York. The crew is supposed to have perished-one body has floated ashore."

A day later, we read: 'The unknown vessel before reported struck on Shag Rocks in Light House Channel during the gale of Sunday morning is no doubt the packet sch. Lewis, Captain Crowell, from New York to Boston. She was in company in the Bay just previous to the gale with the schooner Walcott, Captain Bearse, from New York, which anchored on Sunday. All the crew of the Lewis were drowned. The shipping papers were picked up in the Bay by a fisherman, which leaves no doubt as to the fate of the vessel.'"

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor