December 23, 1839

Bark Lloyd carrying cigars and wine.

"On December 23, 1839, the bark Lloyd of Portland, Maine, sailing from Havanna, approached the harbor in thick weather. Soon after, with masts gone, she struck heavily and was almost swallowed up by the surf on Nantasket Beach. Six of the crew tried to reach safety in a long boat, but it swamped and all perished. Captain Mountford and two others lashed themselves to the rigging, but waves swept them off. The oldest shipmaster sailing out of Portland and highly respected, Mountford was the last to be pulled under. Of nine men, only one survived: George Scott, a plucky Englishman, was able to swim ashore.

Witnesses were powerless and had to watch waves surge over the bark, dismembering her piece by piece. The cargo was strewn all along the beach, including 80,000 cigars, 536 hogsheads of molasses, and casks of wine. Specie was also said to be in the miscellaneous consignment."

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor