Mattie E. Eaton

November 26, 1888

Nantasket Beach

Schooner Mattie E. Eaton, carrying ice and general cargo.

"The Reverend Dr. A.N. Plumb told of his son's experience on the three-masted schooner Mattie E. Eaton of Thomaston, Maine. Headed for Trinidad, she was wrecked opposited the Pavilion at Nantasket Beach. 'My son was going away for the winter. They got off well, but carried away a top mast and had to put back for repairs. From 10 o'clock till 2 they were lashed to the rigging, the sea breaking over them. At 2 o'clock she breached, narrowly grazing the rocks. The rocks carried away her rudder. Providentially, the schooner drifted upon the sand. At daybreak a line was got ashore. The ship's boat had been lost, but the captain's dory was used, and with the aid of many friends ashore all were brought away from the wreck safely.'

The new vessel, with a consignment of ice and and general goods, was wrecked 1,500 feet northwest of the H.C. Higginson in the same November storm.

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor