Millie Trim

January 9, 1886

Off Calf Island

Schooner Millie Trim carrying coal.

"A disaster on January 9, 1886, cost four lives in the wreck of the two-masted schooner Millie Trim, on Calf Island. The craft, of 171 tons, was launched at Bangor, Maine, in 1873 and was owned by Rockland, Maine, businessmen. She carried 265 tons of coal bound from Hoboken, New Jersey, to Boston. The Millie Trim plowed into rocks about 100 feet from the easterly side of the island.

The crew immediately went for the rigging, Captain Olsen reaching the main crosstrees, and the others below him. As the masts fell, the captain, being higher, landed on a large boulder, but the rest of the men were lost in the breakers. Fishermen living on Calf Island saved Captian Olsen by rowing to his aid in a small dory, a courageous act in turbulent surf that was witnessed from the signal station on Telegraph Hill in Hull. The telegraph operators notified Boston officials of the incident and additional help was dispatched."

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor