December 17, 1841

Point Allerton

Ship Mohawk carrying iron and anvils.

"A typical news account of a wreck revealed:
'Ship Mohawk of Hallowell, Berry, from Liverpool, October 30, for this port dragged ashore on the SE part of Point Allerton about noon yesterday. Her masts are gone, and it is probable that she anchored off Point Allerton Thursday night during the gale, and she cut her masts when the sea got up to prevent going ashore, but without avail, as the sea there has range of the whole bay and breaks very heavily. At the last account no one had landed from her and the situation of her hull was not known except that she appeared considerably hogged (her back was bent). The Mohawk is a good ship of about 350 tons measurement, built on the Kennebec in 1832, valued at $21,000. We did not learn what her cargo is, but it is said to be iron.'

The Mohawk carried anvils as well as iron, and a case of watches, which was recovered. The ship was hammered shapeless by the pounding waves. The Humane Society lifeboat was forced onto the rocks and badly damaged during this December 17, 1841, rescue, but all the Mohawk's crew survived."

Robert F. Sullivan, Shipwrecks and Nautical Lore of Boston Harbor